Counseling Services

Although I accept clients of all ages, I work primarily with youth ages 5 - 18 working on concerns such trauma, family changes, grief and loss, anxiety, and depression. As a clinician I work from a place of 'with' and use a team approach to care. I provide resources, skills, tools, and help to parents and caregivers, work with teachers and school personnel, to provide youth with the support they need to see lasting change and growth. I do use a variety of interventions, most commonly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, or creative arts such as sand tray. - Dynisha Smith



Income guideline

We require the following documentation in addition to this fully completed application:

A copy of your most recent four weeks of paycheck stubs from each adult member in household who is working.

And, if applicable:

Documentation of SSI, SSD, food stamps, AFDC, unemployment, self employment income letter, student loans, financial aid, child support, foster care license (if filling out application for foster child), or any other documentation of monetary gain in this calendar year.

If homeless, please provide evidence from the homeless shelter in which you are currently residing.

If there are any extenuating circumstances that are out of the ordinary, please write a letter of explanation.

Please drop off or mail all documentation to the Club you are seeking services for.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Individuals who can be included in a family unit receiving financial assistance are only those claimed on current tax returns. Other individuals may apply separately. Consideration will be given to special or extenuating circumstances. Our goal is to take action on applications as quickly as possible.

Expect 2 weeks to process. Applications are approved in the order in which they are received while funds are available.

Scholarship Application

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