See How Your Donation Is Helping Kids Emerge Strong

Helps FEED CHILDREN in need. Help us continue to feed kids in the community with our grab and go meal program, our family food pantry, and our daily meal services for kids who need the Club.

Supports EMERGENCY CHILDCARE. Help provide a safe place for kids whose parents are healthcare workers, first responders, and essential community personnel. This service comes with breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Keeps KIDS SAFE. With the coronavirus, we have to operate differently. We must expand our site locations from five to eight in order to serve smaller numbers of children to reduce the risk of spread.

Supports BRAVE STAFF who come to work each day, despite the risk. These childcare providers are on the front lines doing whatever it takes to keep kids safe!

COVID-19 RELIEF FUND. COVID-19 is deeply affecting our operations budget. Our ability to pay direct-service staff is essential to keeping our doors open. Philanthropy is allowing us to fill the gap between what we are losing monthly and our ability to make payroll.

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