Leadership | Boys & Girls Clubs Of Ada County



Colleen Braga
Executive Director | colleen@adaclubs.org

Joey Schueler
Director of Operations | joey@adaclubs.org

Jodi Gempler
Director of Development | jodi@adaclubs.org

Kandis Schneehagen
Director of Administration | kandis@adaclubs.org

Theresa Worl
Executive Assistant | theresa@adaclubs.org

Support Staff

Kevin Garrett
Director of Technology | kevin@adaclubs.org

Will Smith
Director of Nutrition | will@adaclubs.org

Heath Dreger
Director of Athletics | heath@adaclubs.org

Meridian Club

Robyn Ure
Unit Director | robyn@adaclubs.org

Dynisha Smith
Program Director | dynisha@adaclubs.org

Lindsay Blaser
Teen Coordinator | lindsay@adaclubs.org

Katie Lamb
Membership Services Coordinator | katie@adaclubs.org

Stephanie Lovell
Year 1 Coordinator | stephanie@adaclubs.org

Kuna Club

Jamie Lewis
Unit Director | jamie@adaclubs.org

Ben Gangwar
Program Director | ben@adaclubs.org

Moseley Center

Noel Bolduc
Unit Director | noel@adaclubs.org

Anne Westfall
Program Director | anne@adaclubs.org

Alyssa Spiering
Membership Services Coordinator| alyssa@adaclubs.org

Debra Shaw
Year 1 Coordinator | debra@adaclubs.org

Connor Heikkila
Teen Coordinator| connor@adaclubs.org

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