Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County Covid-19 Policies The Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County are currently implementing the following important safety and
sanitization protocols to ensure risk of transmission and dissemination of illness is reduced as much as possible as we all work together in combating the Covid-19 virus. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County is committed to safety as one of its core values and would like to thank its families for their active
participation in following Central District Health guidelines to help our community through this time. Here are our operational Covid-19 Safety Measures:

Anyone with illness of any kind is urged to remain home among both staff and youth served

All youth and staff are temperature-checked as they enter the facility

Anyone with symptoms or a fever at our entrance is immediately isolated and sent home from the facility

Anyone with a household member who gets tested for the virus is unable to attend the Club until results come back negative or until they have properly quarantined per CDH guidelines

All opportunities to limit close interactions are being taken
Contact surfaces will be sanitized and disinfected on an hourly basis and between transitions

Groups will wash/sanitize their hands regularly and follow a hand washing/sanitization schedule

All Staff are wearing masks while on the floor with children

All children are required to wear masks in a pro-social manner. Masks will be provided to Club members who do not arrive wearing a mask. Any inquiries about masks should be discussed with the site’s Unit Director

Entrance to the Club is limited, even the lobby, to only employees and members approved to attend

Meal times are staggered where necessary to ensure proper social distancing while consuming food

The site has a designated “sick space” to isolate any staff or children who have developed any symptoms such as fever or cough

Groups of children and staff are segmented into cohorts that are maintained throughout the entire service period so that interactions between staff and children are limited to smaller groups

Bus/van operation procedures are strictly enforced: hygiene practices implemented, hygiene signs posted on busses/vans, no food or drink on the bus/van, drivers disinfect highly touched surfaces and passenger compartment, seat siblings together, load bus rear to front and unload front to rear, keep windows open where/when possible, hands sanitized and masks placed on all occupants as they enter bus/van

The above safety protocols meet and exceed the Central District Health guidelines for operating care facilities for children, are monitored hourly, and are reported on weekly for compliance and immediate response to issues that arise, thus ensuring we are consistent in our implementation of these procedures, all of which are subject to change as directed by Central District Health. On behalf of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County, our staff and families, I’d like to thank everyone for doing their part to combat this public health crisis. If we all work together as a community, we can overcome any obstacle together. Please know that the Club is here to support you through this difficult time.

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