Wild West Auction

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Auction:

Can I view items without registering?

Yep, looking is allowed! However,  you can’t bid without registering and entering a credit card number. Once you have registered you will be entered to win a fabulous prize!

Prize drawing, you say? What is that all about?

By registering for our online auction you will automatically be entered to win some fabulous prizes.  Winners will be announced during our live, virtual event on Friday, July 24th.

That sounds great, but how do I register?

It’s easy, Pardner! Simply go to our website at wildwestforkids.com and click “Register to Bid Now”. From there, just follow the easy instructions!

Do I have to enter my credit card number in order to register?

Yep, that’s because we want only serious bidders (and we want to avoid sending the town sheriff to hunt you down for a payment if you win an item)! But don’t worry –  Auction Frogs is completely secure and your card won’t be charged unless you win an item.

Will I be notified if I’m outbid?

We won’t let you down – you’ll get an email letting you know when you’ve been outbid! Make sure to check your email (and junk mail) so some sidewinder doesn’t steal the item out from under you!

When does the auction end?

The online auction ends at 10:00 p.m. on July 24th  unless, of course, there are bid wars…

Bid wars? Sounds dangerous... what is that?

It is dangerous, so be ready! If there are still multiple bidders wrestling for an item when the auction closes at 10:00 p.m., the bidding will stay open until there are no further bids. Don’t wait too long to make up your mind – if three minutes goes by without a bid, the other guy wins!

If I win an item, how do I get it?

You can pick up items beginning on Monday, July 27th at our Yanke Bettis Business Center at610 E. 42nd Street in Garden City between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  We can mail gift certificates if you want – just call us at (208) 639-3167. Not local? We can also mail larger items to you, you will be required to cover the shipping expenses…  which is expensive…


I’m curious about that live, virtual event on July 24th... Can I come to that??

Uhh.. no, Pardner. It’s a virtual event…  not an actual event. Well, it is an actual event, but it’s virtual.  Meaning it’s live, but you can’t come to it. Not just you. Nobody can. At least in person. Is that clear?  Hmm…  I can see why you’re confused.

You’re clear as mud! So then.... how do I participate?

Glad you asked!  You can participate via your  phone, tablet, or computer by tuning into Facebook Live. We will begin  at 6:00 p.m. sharp. Make sure to like our Facebook page (facebook.com/adaclubs) so you don’t miss a beat. If you get confused (and who wouldn’t?) you can always go to www.wildwestforkids.com and click on the button  “Join the Virtual Event.”

What do I wear to a virtual event?

Just a cowboy hat and some chaps… nothing else!  I don’t think you’re gettin’ it, Pardner, it’s a virtual event. What you wear in the comfort of your home is between you, your posse, and the dog.  Woof!

Is the beer and wine hosted this year?

(Heavy sigh…) Why yes. We will be serving a refreshing Pinot Grigio with hints of lemon, white nectarine and apple along with some Pabst Blue Ribbon for the beer lovers.  Seriously, Pardner, you’re just not getting this virtual thing.

What’s for dinner?

I dunno, Pardner, what are you cooking? Maybe a big steak on the grill with all the fixins’? If, so what’s your address, I may swing by for your watch party!   

I’ve never seen a virtual event and I’m pretty excited! What can I expect?

Well Pardner, first of all you need to lower those expectations!  There’s no dinner, drinks, mechanical bull or stilt walkers and no rowdies to hang out with (unless you invite them to your house!)  BUT, we will have the best darn, rootin’ tootin’ virtual event possible, with music and dancing and laughter and kids and fun…  hey, that does sound pretty exciting!

Should I bid on an auction item if I get too drunk?

Of course! And we highly recommend it! After all, you won’t be driving your car or riding your horse home, right?

Can I host a watch party?

You can and you should.  Invite your friends over to enjoy the festivities together.  Or you can do a Facebook Watch Party.  But if you’re not gettin’ that whole virtual event thing, then a Facebook Watch Party might just be out of your league. 


I’ve been hearing a lot about the Wild West Challenge. What’s up with that?

It wouldn’t be the Wild West without a good ‘ol challenge, right Pardner? 

The Challenge is a way for YOU to help kids in our community, while also encouraging your friends, families, and colleagues to do the same. All you need to do is share a post, picture or video on your social media explaining that you are supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County and encourage others to do the same through participating in our online auction or making a direct donation to the Club.  Make sure to tag the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County along with at least 5 of your most generous friends (more if possible!)  Oh, and make sure to make a donation or buy an item yourself!

I’m not great at social media... or peer pressure for that matter. Can you help me?

You don’t have to be great at social media – you just have to be sincere…  people like sincerity.  And they like YOU!  You’re good-looking, you’re cool, and gosh darn it, people like you!  They will do whatever YOU ask them to do!  Probably…

What will I get if I participate in the Challenge?

Well, Pardner, you will get the satisfaction of knowing you are making a positive difference in the lives of low-income kids in our community.  That should be enough, right?

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