Heritage Auto Repair owners Tony and Becca Zanders have hearts full of love and a true passion for the world in which they live. As a result of that generous spirit, they have made it a business priority to give back to others—each for their own reasons.

Becca has a special place in her heart for the Boys & Girls Club because of its mission of serving disadvantaged youth.  “For me, it’s personal,” she says.  “My mom was a single mom and there were times of darkness in my childhood, times where hope was hard to find. More than once, God showed up in our lives, shining a bright light into our dark corner.  That light usually came in the form of someone who cared enough to venture into our world and our need to give a helping hand.  In honor of those who gave me light, I pass the torch along”.

Tony likes that Heritage Auto Repair and the Boys & Girls Clubs share common values. As Tony explains, “part of the reason we have been successful as a business is that we set out to change the way people view our industry by being a leader in honesty, integrity, and trust—values that are taught to kids at the Boys & Girls Club.”  Since 1999, those values have helped grow Heritage Auto from a small shop behind their home to a 6,000 square foot, 8 bay shop and twelve members on the Heritage Auto team.

“My life’s purpose is to develop people,” says Tony. Tony explains that some of his most fulfilling work has been teaching auto mechanic skills to disadvantaged people in Belize, where thousands lack the technical or vocational skills to raise themselves out of poverty.  “I love the concept of teaching people a trade that can sustain them and their families for life.”

Tony has shared that message with teens at the Boys & Girls Club.  “Not every kid is destined for college—I teach them that there are other occupations that don’t require a 4-year degree, that  can provide them a great livelihood.”

The couple’s charitable work with the Boys & Girls Clubs and other wonderful non-profits can be found at http://www.heritageautorepair.com.  On behalf of everyone at the Boys & Girls Clubs, thank you, Becca and Tony, for making such a positive difference in this world and ensuring that kids in our community have a better chance for a great future!

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