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When a Professional Storyteller Visits

The Kuna Club kids got a special treat on Friday when one of our awesome staff, Andre, invited his talented mom in as a guest to showcase her story-spinning skills.

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Moseley Center Teens Play Their First Game!

Our Teen Center basketball team at the Moseley Center played their first game vs Boise Parks and Recreation Teens. Over 30 teens played in the game with lots of support from family, friends, and Club members watching and cheering from the sidelines.

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Plant the Promise Blooms at the Teen Center

Back in October, Drug Free Idaho visited the Moseley Center Teen Center to plant tulips in the courtyard for their Plant the Promise program in honor of The Red Ribbon Campaign. The idea was to get the teens involved in taking action to remain drug-free. The sign posted outside the garden sums it up best: “We are artists. We are athletes. We are musicians. We are thinkers. We are achievers. We are dreamers. These flowers serve as a reminder of the beauty of life when it is Drug-Free.”

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Teens Jump for Joy!

The Moseley Center teens got the chance to visit Jump Time Meridian for their second field trip during Spring Break. This was an exciting trip to be able to take with the teens as it not only got them out into the community but also promoted healthy lifestyles in a fun way. We spent two hours at the facility where we got to do a number of various activities all while jumping on ginormous trampolines! Dodgeball, basketball, and flips into foam pits kept the teens busy and active.

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Club Members get Excited about Community Service

March not only kicked off better weather but also the Moseley Center’s quarterly community service projects. With three age groups (K-3rd, 4th-6th, and teens) excited to get involved, it was easy to have fun while doing something meaningful for our community.

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BGC Teen Center meetup a success!

Teens from the Garden City, Meridian, and Nampa Boys and Girls Clubs met up on Tuesday, March 28 for a game exchange. Each Teen Center was responsible for bringing a new game to teach the rest of the group in hopes of sparking new friendships and healthy lifestyle game ideas!

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Athlete of the Month

Our spring soccer season with Idaho Rush just reached its halfway point at the Moseley Center. We are very excited to announce our next Athlete of the Month: Madalyn B.!

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Healthy habits are yummy!

Stop by a Boys & Girls Club in Ada County around 4:00 pm on a Wednesday and you will see hundreds of children eating healthy, nutritious meals. Wednesdays are salad bar day with a packed meal including a tossed green salad, a banana, assorted veggies, kidney beans, whole grain baked Goldfish crackers, croutons, milk, and a cheese stick. We are extremely proud of our nutrition program, which provides over 200,000 free, nutritious meals a year.

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Pi for Pie!

March 14 is commonly referred to as Pi day because of the first three digits of the mathematical constant, #pi, which are 3.14. If you know pi, you know that the constant is infinite; it never ends. Many people celebrate pi day by memorizing and reciting as many digits as they can, and the Moseley Teen Center’s very own Steeve Biondolillo did just that. Steeve was determined to get as far as he could, memorizing the first 64 digits in only thirty minutes!

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Help Us Celebrate!

Join us on April 5, 2017 for the GRAND OPENING of the newly remodeled teen center at the Moseley Center! We will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony at 5:30 PM! We would like to thank Lowe’s and an anonymous donor for making this much-needed renovation possible. Our teens are thrilled with this space, and we can’t wait to show it to everyone!

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