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First Teen Field Trip of Summer: NERFED!

The teens got treated to a great first summer field trip to NERFED! As they walked in, they were amazed by the selection of Nerf guns they could choose from. After carefully selecting their nerf guns and being separated into two different teams, they made their way to the course. Cam Warren, Youth Development Professional, could see in their eyes that they were putting together a strategy for domination:

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The tassel was worth the hassle!

High school graduation is a big deal for anyone, but we are especially proud of our graduates! They’ve each been members for a number of years, we’ve watched them grow and develop into the people they are now, and we are excited to see what they do with their futures. We recently had a celebration in their honor and to see them off to the bright futures that lie ahead.

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Be Great, Graduate!

We are so excited about the recent and upcoming graduations for our six seniors from the Meridian Club. It has been a long and sometimes arduous road, but the hard work has paid off and we are happy to announce that all seven of our grads will be attending college in the fall!

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Tuesday Travels To The Capitol

For the past seven weeks, Youth Development Professional, Hannibal Miksis, has been leading a program about US states and capitals. Traveling to different states and capitals is a personal interest of his and he wanted to share aspects of that interest with the kids he leads. Over the course of his program, his kids have learned about the history of capitals, why they are located where they are, interesting facts about the cities, and what can be found in a Capitol building.

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Last Game for the Boys U10 Rush team

The Meridian Club recently partnered with Idaho Rush to create a Boys U10 soccer team! Previous to this, most of the boys had no experience playing on an organized soccer team before. There is something very magical about watching the progression of skills and teamwork grow.

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Moseley Center at JUMP’s Non-profit Speed Dating Event

The Moseley Center’s Alyssa Spiering and Connor Heikkila joined forces last week to spread the word about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County and recruit new volunteers! Hosted at JUMP Boise, the occasion was modeled after a “speed dating” event and included a wide variety of local nonprofits and community members. It worked like this: each group of community members would have eight to ten minutes to sit and chat with a nonprofit to hear more about their organization and what they were searching for. In our case, it was for more volunteers.

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Moseley Center Celebrates Graduating Teens

Hats off to our Moseley Center grads! Three teens from the Garden City Club are graduating this year after many years spent with us at the Boys & Girls Club. Tara, Elise, and Ignacio (Nacho) are all taking big strides into the world, and we are sure they are destined for great things. We’ve watched them transition from children into well-rounded adults and couldn’t be more proud to send them off on their new adventures.

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Graduating Staff of 2017

The Garden City Boys & Girls Club congratulates current staff members: Irene R. and Mimi S. on becoming 2017 High School Graduates! Both members have a history with the Garden City Club and we are so proud of their hard work they’ve put in at school as well as here at the Club.

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Fidget Spinners

The latest trend that’s taken over the Club is the Fidget Spinner! Hannibal Miksis, Moseley Center staff member, says he first heard about Fidget Spinners when only a handful of kids talked about them, but up until recently, they had largely remained a mystery. It wasn’t until he saw some of the kids playing with them in the Games Room that he really understood what they were.

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Idaho State Cookies

Did you know that we provide safe transportation to select schools throughout Ada County? Youth Development Professional, Hannibal Miksis, has been involved with the after-school transportation from Pierce Park Elementary School to the Garden City Club since January. He safely supervises our 20 Pierce Park members every day after school while they wait for the bus together.

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