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Top Dolphin Dunk Sellers Go Behind The Scenes at Boise State!

Our kids did a spectacular job getting dolphins adopted this year for Dolphin Dunk: A Benefit For The Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County! To celebrate their success, the top sellers from the Moseley Center in Garden City got to go behind the scenes at Boise State University where they got to hang out with the Boise State Broncos!

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Teens Learn Healthy Habits With Drug Free Idaho

At the Club, one of our priority outcomes is healthy lifestyles. We keep our Club members physically active, provide nutritious meals, and teach them about creating healthy habits. One of the ways we did that this summer was by partnering with DrugFree Idaho. They came to our teen center several times throughout the summer to engage with our teens on topics like drugs and alcohol, as well as bullying and to teach them how to avoid risky behaviors.

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Darth Vader Invades the Club

Every week at the Clubs, we have a dress up theme. Kids and staff alike can express their creativity through costumes. Today at the Meridian Club, the theme is Outer Space. Darth Vader has invaded the games room and is playing games to take over the Club by beating all the members!

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Verizon Partners With The Club to Prepare Kids For School

Thank you to Verizon for helping us prepare hundreds of kids in Ada County for the upcoming school year! Verizon sent volunteers to the Club for two days. On August 2nd, they worked tirelessly to stuff 1,000 backpacks with essential school supplies. On August 3rd, they worked equally hard to distribute as many backpacks as they could to our Club parents and members and the community.

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On The Job at Old Navy

Anyone who has ever looked for a job will tell you that finding gainful employment can be difficult. Finding gainful employment when you are just barely eligible for hire and have no experience is even harder. There are so many teens out there looking for their first job and many of them are going in blind, with little or no experience, and very little help navigating the process. This summer we’ve teamed up with our Meridian Old Navy to help our teens bridge the gap and help our teens take the first steps toward entering the workforce.

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Snake Social

Ophidiophobia, otherwise known as the fear of snakes, seems to be common among people of all ages. I’ve always wondered if this was a natural survival instinct that most people were born with and that those who do not fear snakes simply learned to overcome it at some point in their life. However, after running an activity involving two snakes at the Meridian club, Youth Development Professional Ben Murray determined that this is not the case.

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Push-Up Showdown

During the summer, the Club hires lots of new staff to ensure we can continue to provide quality programming and services to all of our members. One of our new staff members just so happens to also be one of the defensive backs for the Boise State Broncos: Tyler Horton. Tyler has been a hit with the kids and they are completely star struck whenever they see him. 

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Sweet Chemistry!

Ice cream is a summer staple, but most of us don’t really understand how simple ingredients like cream, sugar, and vanilla combine to form this delicious treat. Not so for our teens who enjoyed a chemistry lesson with some sweet results. Specifically, we made ice cream.

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First Teen Field Trip of Summer: NERFED!

The teens got treated to a great first summer field trip to NERFED! As they walked in, they were amazed by the selection of Nerf guns they could choose from. After carefully selecting their nerf guns and being separated into two different teams, they made their way to the course. Cam Warren, Youth Development Professional, could see in their eyes that they were putting together a strategy for domination:

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The tassel was worth the hassle!

High school graduation is a big deal for anyone, but we are especially proud of our graduates! They’ve each been members for a number of years, we’ve watched them grow and develop into the people they are now, and we are excited to see what they do with their futures. We recently had a celebration in their honor and to see them off to the bright futures that lie ahead.

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