Written By : Heath Dreger, Kuna Summer Program Unit Director

The Kuna club is really excited to share some incredible programs we are currently running this summer. From our partnership with the Kuna School District (Big Brain Academy), and the Ada County Sheriff’s Department (Junior Deputy Academy), to our awesome computer programing class (Become a Computer Genius) and our Jr. Staff program. Our summer program in Kuna has tons of great opportunities for the kids this summer!

In the “Big Brain Academy”, we have partnered with the Kuna School District to provide children with a certified teacher to help reduce the amount of “summer learning loss” and to close the gap for students not meeting grade-level expectations. Targeted students from each age group spend two, 45 minute rotations, each week with our teacher studying math and reading. To make this program fun for kids in the summer, the Kuna School District has thought of innovative ways to help teach kids. From fun activities, to computer based learning, this program has been a great success, and major help to our children who attend.




Staying with the theme of education, which is something our club has focused on heavily this summer. We are also currently offer, “Become a Computer Genius”. In this program, kids from the 5th & 6th grade get a chance to learn about all things computer related. Topics each week have ranged from identifying the insides of a computer, to the coding involved in building a website. To help make this program even better, the organizers of this program have donated great prizes such as shirts, hats, and other fun stuff to keep the kids engaged and learning!




Another great partnership we are proud to offer for our second summer in a row is our “Junior Deputy Academy”. In this program, we have partnered with the Ada County Sheriff’s office to provide children with a chance to learn about the legal system. In this program, the children learn about the K-9 unit, to life in jail, and even how to dial 911! We are very thankful to the Ada County Sheriff’s Department for their willingness to reach out to our kids to help build such a positive, productive, relationship between children and law enforcement.




Last but not least, we would love to give a shout out to our 7th & 8th grade returning members. Since the Kuna Club is only a summer program, we offer 20 spots to returning 7th & 8th grade members in lieu of a Teen Center to join our summer club. Part of the conditions of their enrollment is they must complete 3 hours of service to the club each week in a program we call “Jr. Staff”. However, this summer our 7th & 8th graders have taken it to the next level. As of 7/15/2015, our 16, 7th & 8th grade members have completed 202 hours of service at the club! They have gone above and beyond when it comes to chaperoning field trips, cleaning our club, and even hosting an incredibly successful bake sale to help fund our end of summer party! These kids have been an incredible asset to the club this summer, and we commend their service to the Boys & Girls Club of Kuna.




If you would like more information about programs in Kuna not mentioned in this article, please contact our Program Director, Stephanie Lovell at stephanie@adaclubs.org or myself at heath@adaclubs.org.