Submitted by: Hannibal Miksis

For the past seven weeks, Youth Development Professional, Hannibal Miksis, has been leading a program about US states and capitals. Traveling to different states and capitals is a personal interest of his and he wanted to share aspects of that interest with the kids he leads. Over the course of his program, his kids have learned about the history of capitals, why they are located where they are, interesting facts about the cities, and what can be found in a Capitol building.


For their program field trip, Hannibal thought that it would be a good idea to take the kids to tour the Idaho State Capitol. The trip was fun for all the kids! Hannibal and the kids made sure to visit every floor and go into every room they could enter. They sat in the House and Senate Gallery chairs, visited the Office of the Governor, went to the garden level and rode up and down in the elevators. The kids were all well behaved and stayed together.

Hannibal’s favorite memory of the trip was when Darby, one of our members, told us all about a secret elevator in the building:

“All of the kids, as well as myself, wanted to see the secret elevator so she momentarily became our leader and led us all through the building. After going around a few corners, we found the elevator–it was pretty cool! The elevator was older in style but was still operational. It was great to see the kids listen and follow Darby, and she was happy that we all got to see the elevator. After we were done touring the building, we arrived back at the Club. After talking to all of the kids, they all said they had a fun time. I’m very glad I decided to run this program with them because not only are they learning something new but they are having a good time too!”