Submitted by: Lindsay Blaser

High school graduation is a big deal for anyone, but we are especially proud of our graduates! They’ve each been members for a number of years, we’ve watched them grow and develop into the people they are now, and we are excited to see what they do with their futures. We recently had a celebration in their honor and to see them off to the bright futures that lie ahead.

Guests were invited to enjoy some food, share words of wisdom with the graduates, write notes of encouragement and congratulations, play some party games, and celebrate the choices the grads made to lead them to this place in life.

Graduates and teen members spent some time reminiscing about their time at the Club, field trips, teen nights, various Club activities, and all the memories they will take with them as they leave. Younger members were able to hear stories from teens and grads about what they can look forward to in the teen center and were encouraged to continue their membership in order to take part.

Emi, who will be a junior at Rocky Mountain High in the fall, loved looking back at memories with the graduates. “These graduates are the reason I am who I am right now. I was so scared of everyone when I first joined the Club, but these seniors reached out and encouraged me to get involved, and I am so glad they did.”