Submitted by: Lindsay Blaser

Have you ever jogged in place while singing “Happy Birthday” and then tried to breathe through a straw? If you have then you might have learned first-hand what it might be like to live with COPD, one of the many side effects of smoking. The Meridian teens learned that very lesson when our friends from Tatu and the¬†American Lung Association in Idaho¬†stopped by for a visit.

Teens Against Tobacco Use(TATU) is a group of teens who dedicate their time to educating youth about the dangers of tobacco use as well as some of the benefits of abstaining. They came by to share their knowledge with our teens and to give our teens a chance to get involved. Through a very interactive and hands-on presentation, our guests were able to share some eye-opening information and prompt our teens to make healthy choices in their own lives as well as helping those around them to do the same.