Submitted by: Hannibal Miksis

One of our staff members, Hannibal Miksis, was invited to Pierce Park Elementary’s performance of Suessical the Musical this past Friday. The performance was about a King who wanted to rule all of the frogs and made them stand on top of each other. One of the frogs had enough of the King and rallied all of the other frogs and together they overthrew the King. Hannibal really enjoyed the performance and thought the kids did an excellent job!

“One of the memorable things that happened while I was at the play was seeing all of the kids from the Club at school and seeing them confused about why I was there. It was funny because not all of them knew I was coming. After the play was over and people were exiting, Marrisa ran all the way over to me to give me a hug and thanked me for coming. That really made my day and definitely made me coming to watch the play worth it.”

It is always heartwarming to hear about our staff members who take the initiative to support our members outside of the Club! Thank you to Marissa Cummings for inviting our staff to the play.