Our Meridian Club recently wrapped up their Smart Girls program for our 2nd through 4th-grade girls. These girls participated in activities targeting self-confidence, a healthy lifestyle, media influence, and healthy friendships.

Danielle D., Youth Development Professional, met with the girls once a week. Of the program’s objectives she explains, “I wanted to lift these girls up to know that they can achieve their highest potential no matter their friends, family situations, or influence of others. I wanted every single girl to leave the program each week knowing that the entire group believed in her and cherished her.”

Danielle set up a pen pal activity which partnered each Smart Girl with a female student at Boise State University. They exchanged handwritten letters each week. On the last day of the program, a party was thrown to introduce each Smart Girl to their Boise State pen pal. The girls were literally screaming with excitement when their pen pals walked in. It benefited both parties in many ways!