Submitted by:  Connor Heikkila

C.L.U.E. Club is at it again, this time taking their bravery to new heights–25 feet to be exact! The teens explored the newly opened Asana Climbing Gym and all it has to offer last Friday, during a field trip focused on trust and communication.

Sarah, our climbing guru and employee of Asana, let us know that climbing requires a great deal of trust and communication…you’ve got to establish good communication between you and your belay partner to trust that they are paying attention and won’t let you fall.

From bouldering to belaying to slacklining, the teens were able to try out a bunch of activities that were new to most of them. It was amazing to see the transformation of the teens from the beginning of the field trip to the end. Most of them started out timid and nervous, but by the end all of them were excited, encouraging and ready to tackle anything! I was really touched to see them all root for each other when climbing the 25-foot wall. They would create a “support” group for each teen that would stand on the ground and shout words of encouragement as the climber pushed their boundaries to go higher. On our way back from Asana there were feelings of accomplishment and camaraderie between the teens!

Thank you, Asana, for the wonderful experience for our teens! We are grateful to have such wonderful partners in this great community!