Submitted by: Connor Heikkila

Back in October, DrugFree Idaho visited the Moseley Center Teen Center to plant tulips in the courtyard for their Plant the Promise program in honor of The Red Ribbon Campaign. The idea was to get the teens involved in taking action to remain drug-free. The sign posted outside the garden sums it up best: “We are artists. We are athletes. We are musicians. We are thinkers. We are achievers. We are dreamers. These flowers serve as a reminder of the beauty of life when it is Drug-Free.”

The tulips have now sprouted and are starting to bloom! They make for a beautiful addition to our new Teen Center and the teens have been very excited to watch them grow. It’s been special for them to see the fruits of their labor to connect that with their promise to remain drug-free. The teens have taken extra care to weed our garden boxes to make sure the flowers can grow as big and healthy as they can.