Eventually, everyone grows up and has to figure out what to do with their childhood toys. Youth Development Professional, Zach Baker, from the Meridian Club has found the best way to use the stuff he’s outgrown/hoarded (outgrown may be a strong word) is to bring it to the Club for our members to enjoy. This summer, Zach brought in his laser tag and nerf guns, which have continued to be a big hit with the kids. The kids have been having a blast with Zach and their “new” team building toys:

“I divided the kids into several teams that took turns in short rounds. One round, each team had been huddled together, neither able to score against another behind their cover. That is until one member decided to take one for the team and ran behind the other teams cover, scattering them as they traded shots. His team took advantage of the panic and swept in winning the round. It was cool to see one of the kids putting their own potential loss behind the advantage it gave their team.”

We are lucky to have such thoughtful, kind staff members who care enough about our kids to share their own cherished childhood toys with them. Thanks, Zach!