Anyone who has ever looked for a job will tell you that finding gainful employment can be difficult. Finding gainful employment when you are just barely eligible for hire and have no experience is even harder. There are so many teens out there looking for their first job and many of them are going in blind, with little or no experience, and very little help navigating the process. This summer we’ve teamed up with our Meridian Old Navy to help our teens bridge the gap and help our teens take the first steps toward entering the workforce.

Through Old Navy’s On The Job program, our teens had the opportunity to sit down with the Meridian Old Navy Hiring Manager to talk about skills assessments, navigating dress codes, applications and resumes, and interview preparation. About a week after her visit, we had the chance to go visit our local Old Navy and get some hands-on, in-store training. Our teens went through a short orientation before joining the experienced staff on the floor to learn about the various aspects of working in a retail environment. They learned how to run the cash registers, stock product, work the fitting rooms, mark clearance items, and even dress mannequins!

After a few hours of job shadowing, our teens sat down for mock interviews. The Old Navy staff were awesome and helped our trainees figure out how to frame their limited work experience in a positive light. Our teens walked away from the experience feeling empowered and ready to enter the workforce.

“I think it would be really cool to work at Old Navy, I can’t wait to apply when I turn 16!” -Joe, age 15


“I’m not the most social person, so I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this, but I actually had a lot of fun and I think I might like to work in a store like that. Maybe not at the cash register though!” -Emi, age 16