Submitted by: Noel Bolduc

Members of The Boys & Girls Club were in for a treat with a visit from special guest, Patrick “Blake” Leeper! Patrick Blake is an Olympic athlete who is training for the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan. He is an incredibly inspirational speaker because of his backstory. Patrick Blake was born without legs and was continuously told he would be unable to do things an average person with legs could do. Patrick turned the, “No, you can’t” mentality into a, “Yes, I can” lifestyle. He began striving towards greatness; making and obtaining goals until he was a full-fledged, respected athlete.


Patrick Blake was a Club member in Tennessee when he was a kid. He said staff made a big impact on who he is as a person today. Club members were inspired and curious about Patrick’s story asking him exactly what it took to become an Olympic Athlete and what differences there are from having legs versus not having legs. Patrick even showed the kids his track/running prosthetic legs and ended his speech with a sprint across the gym. Members are still buzzing about the visit from this motivating speaker–you’ll still hear kids chant from time to time, “Yes, I can!”