(Garden City, January 3rd) – Thanks to a generous gift from the John F. Nagel Foundation, members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County will have greater opportunities to develop healthy lifestyles through a before-school meal program and access to sports, particularly team sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball.

A portion of the $45,000 grant from the Nagel Foundation will provide free, healthy breakfasts to youth who attend the Sunrise Club – a service that gives kids of working parents a safe place to go before school.  The program allows children to be dropped off at the Club as early as 7:00 a.m., where they receive a free breakfast and fun activities. They are then escorted to school which starts around 9:15 a.m.

The Nagel Foundation grant will also increase opportunities for kids who might not otherwise have the ability to participate in team sports.

“This grant allows youth to participate in sports that would normally be out of reach for them  due to the cost, or because they don’t have a parent available to take them to practices and games,” said Colleen Braga, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County.

Curt Goldgrabe, Executive Director of the Nagel Foundation, shared his excitement about the sports program.  “We believe that kids learn important lessons through team sports,”  he said.  “Sports teach valuable traits that can be translated to life as kids grow up – traits such as teamwork, competition within the rules, sportsmanship and fair play.  They also teach kids to pick themselves up in difficult times and continue to improve their skills.  These are all life lessons that the Nagel Foundation is pleased to encourage through our funding support.”

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