Submitted by: Noel Bolduc, Moseley Center

The League of Volunteers Extraordinaire (L.O.V.E.) is a nonprofit group comprised of employees from the State Insurance Fund, as well as their families and friends. L.O.V.E’s mission is to reach out and help their community while bringing together people in awareness of the needs all around us. L.O.V.E’s focus for the month of January was the Boys & Girls Club where they donated time, art supplies, volunteers, and even a cash donation!

During L.O.V.E’s time at the Boys & Girls Club, the 1st-3rd graders were treated to a whimsical art project. Each member who participated was given a mason jar, a small light, and various art supplies to create a miniature light/lantern. Members let their creative side and individuality run free. They proudly displayed their finished products and exclaimed how much they enjoyed the art project.

Thank you again to L.O.V.E! Our members and Club are so very lucky to have great community partnerships and donors like L.O.V.E.