Content submitted by: Noel Bolduc

Youth of the Year is by far a favorite event for many staff members at Club. We are so proud of our member, Fatima, who represented the Boys & Girls Club of Ada County with passion, grace, and humility. Although her journey ended at the statewide level of the competition, the transformation she has made throughout the competition has been nothing short of impressive.

Throughout the months of January and February, Fatima worked hard to prepare the delivery of her speech and perfect her interview skills, all while continuing to participate in Club sports and programs. Board members, Tricia Flynn and Sylvia Hampel were so inspired by her performance at the Ada County level of the competition, they dedicated their time to help her edit her speech and hone her interview etiquette. Fatima really enjoyed their help because she strives to be a successful, independent woman someday just like they are.

Fatima’s platform also consisted of pursuing more community service projects for the Club to get involved in, making teens aware of how detrimental cyber-bullying can be, and dispelling myths about stereotyping; especially that of Latinos. She was able to include all of these issues within her speech and interview.

Fatima is the epitome of what a Club member should be. She is hardworking, dependable, charismatic, and outgoing. She is, quite frankly, a breath of fresh air when it comes to teenagers. She is extremely involved in Club programs and likes to display her leadership skills in every facet.

We are all so proud of Fatima and what she has accomplished in the Club and at Youth of the Year. The future is certainly promising for this young lady and the Moseley Center is so very lucky to have her as a Club member.