Ask any Boys & Girls Club member to name their favorite pizza and you are certain to hear a resounding “Idaho Pizza Company!” And there’s a reason for that; they have had plenty of opportunities to enjoy Idaho Pizza Company’s delicious pizza at the Boys & Girls Club. Whether it’s been for a grand opening, holiday party, special event, or family night, Idaho Pizza Company is always there to support the kids.

“We love helping the children because they really are the future,” says Craig Quintero, vice president of marketing. “When we thought about how we wanted to give back to the community, we decided we wanted to support kids. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County was exactly what we were looking for.”

As Craig describes, it is often the little things in life and in business that make all the difference. “It’s those small memories that make a big impact in kids’ lives – it’s about how they felt or how they were treated. We want to be a part of creating that impact,” said Quintero.

Craig also feels that some of the little changes that Idaho Pizza Company implemented have made an impact on their success. Adding a lobby staff to deliver pizzas to customer’s tables, using name cards to learn customer’s names, and handing out candy to customers as they leave were some of the changes that were made early on that have made a huge difference in our dining experience.

Craig’s parents, John and Leah McNicholl, were one of the original franchisees when Idaho Pizza Company was established in 1998. They then purchased the entire Idaho Pizza Company Franchise in 2007. “It has been a family effort. My parents, 3 siblings, and I, along with an amazing team, all pitched in and worked to build the business you see today. Our franchise now has 15 restaurants in Idaho, eight corporate stores and seven franchised.” In addition to great pizza, they credit their success to their focus on their employees, customers, and being an integral part of the community.

Idaho Pizza Company is owned by John and Leah McNicholl. Thank you, Idaho Pizza Company for caring about kids in the community!

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