Submitted By: Connor Heikkila

Teens from the Moseley Center’s C.L.U.E. Club traveled to Jack’s Urban Meeting Place downtown for a visit centered around mindfulness, healthy living, and fun movement exploration! We joined Miranda from the Move Studio for a dance/exercise combo that had us sweating and acting silly. We grooved and stretched and even played an innovative icebreaker game that challenged us to take an ordinary object (such as a pen or paper clip) and invent a brand new way to use it.

The teens got a chance to ask questions about Boise’s new JUMP building and what it was designed for. After learning that the space was designed to inspire human beings to reach their full potential, each teen got a chance to share their dreams and goals. We focused on tools that could help each of us rise to our full potential and make our dreams a reality. We learned about the art of mindfulness–being aware of each thought and action without judgment–as well as determination, and the importance of keeping your body healthy in order to keep your mind healthy.