Our 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade members at the Kuna Club teamed up with our staff and the Kuna community to raise $50 in just two and a half weeks for those who have been affected by hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Staff members took some time to focus on a few important questions: Why is it important to help other people? What can we do to help if we don’t have a lot of money to donate, extra food to share, or the time to volunteer? And how can a group of kids, ages 8-12, make a difference?

After 15 minutes or so of brainstorming, discussion, and voting, we agreed to hold a change drive. One member added, “Everyone has some change in their cup-holder or under their couch, and that means that everyone will be able to help!”

Ben Gangwer, Unit Director of the Kuna Club, was incredibly proud of his members for having such a positive discussion about how their small Club could make a big difference. Towards the end of the discussion, one member shouted, “If we raise a bunch of money can we throw water balloons at you?!” This was followed by yet another suggestion, “Or we could dye your hair!” Though the water balloon idea had a few backers, overwhelmingly our members voted for Ben to dye his hair.

Ben and his staff set up a bucket and separated it into four colors: blue, green, purple, and pink. Each member, parent, or staff member who brought change to donate would be able to vote for Ben’s new hair color. After the first week of taking donations, pink was the clear winner. The wonderful stylists at a local Kuna salon, Color Me Green Salon, stepped up and offered to donate their time to transform Ben’s hair.

Ben says, “The verdict is out on whether or not I can pull off the pink hair look but one thing is for sure, I am overwhelmed with pride for my Club members who worked so hard on our fundraiser to raise $50 dollars for American Red Cross: Disaster Relief Fund.”